Friday, September 28, 2012

Indonesian Passport to Bali

Michelle, the bride, knew exactly what she wanted for their wedding invitation. She was ready with all materials such as: color palate, themes and sketches for us to execute the invitation. She wanted it to look like a plane ticket, passport and the envelope holder that goes with her "Bali Travel" wedding theme. It's one of my favorite wedding invitation we've done so far.

Michelle is also a profesional make-up artist for wedding and fashion. For further information please visit her web at: http://WWW.MGANI-MAKEUP.COM/

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Designer's Series Entry VINA INDRIANA

We had the pleasure to accommodate Vina as our very frist intern. Her passion for drawing is also her definite strength that should be further explored. I enjoy it the most when combining her illustrations with other detailed elements and work them into finished works. Some of those piece along with her other contributions will be produce as part of our future collections. Here are also some of her original works here at our studio. Way to go and thank you Vina!


Vina Indriana was born in August 3rd, 1991. A student of Tarumanagara University class of 2009, majoring in Visual Visual Communication Design at the faculty of Fine Arts and Design. Between her busy activity, she is also a freelance graphic designer who loves art and enjoys woking on her illustrations. Check out her daily design on and send her an email to

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hello Kitty Themed Birthday

Last July I had the chance to helped work on my dearest niece's second birthday party, a pink and red Hello Kitty themed party. We made a small team and set out to build and decorate the sweet table ourselves. All of us had to figure out how to paint and construct the back drop and apparently it was not an easy do. To go with the theme the girls were given tutus and the boys were to wear a red bow ties.  Check it out, a team member also managed to prepare Hello Kitty bento box for the kids. The kitty was definitely there everywhere you look!